How Team Inspire is Grooming the Next Generation for Success

Today, I want to share with you how I seen changes in my daughter Jaya and many other children because of what we do here at Empower Network and Team Inspire. In a world that is drowning out creativity and teaching us to be drones… I am so blessed to be working with a company that is truly grooming the next generation for success!

Children are naturally energetic, lively and smart. When I was a kid, these were great qualities to have! However, now the same kids today are being told they have ADHD and ADD at alarming rates. No doubt with our food system, some of these cases are real. However, there are plenty of normal, bright children being drugged and groomed for failure for no reason.

I had no clue the level this company was grooming our kids, until I went to the Get Money, Chicago event. I seen it there and then when I got home, these values and the impact was even more apparent. It is imperative to groom the next generation for success… Because when we do, we help the whole world. From kids speaking words of encouragement, to getting over self esteem issues, to already making a positive income for themselves and so much more. This is truly what it means to groom our children for success!

If you even remotely care about yourself and the future generation having a chance for real success, then watch this video now:

It is time to groom yourself and the next generation for lifelong success! Make a difference and get started now, click here.

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Blessing to you & yours,

Jamie Pelaez
Empower Network’s Team Inspire
Skype: Jamie.Pelaez

P.S. To say I am highly blessed and favoured to be here with this team, with this company… Is one of the BIGGEST understatements. Let me know how I can help you!

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