awesomely and wondrously made psalm 139:14

Why I Am Choosing To Not Write About The Memorial of 9/11

Have you ever felt like you were being pushed to conform? For instance, today is 9/11. Most of you reading that know exactly what that means. I could exploit the millions dare I say billions of people searching for about this event today or… I could not. The choice is always mine. Heck, the choice is always yours too!

Part of me felt compelled to have to write about this topic today. Almost everyone on my Facebook was taunting me to do so, to react, to respond… However, I was not feeling it. I chose not to participate today. I chose not to feel it.

To know more about what was going on with me that day, feel free to read my previous post entitled: 9/11 – More Than The Day The Twin Towers Went Down

Today, I am choosing not to keep perpetuating the pain. I’m not saying don’t remember a loved one you lost or to forget what happened. I’m just saying don’t let it get to you to the point the past ruins today, learn from it, don’t let it destroy the now. Honor those life’s that have moved on from this realm by making the most of now.

Because the more you concentrate on the pain, anger and sadness the more you bring it into existence right here, right now. You can choose right now to not do what the majority does and instead choose to celebrate life, choose to know those people are in a better place, choose to know you don’t have to participate in the games of this world. Choose to be a part of the solution. Choose to know everything works out for the greater good in the end.

“And we know that all matters work together for good to those who love Elohim, to those who are called according to His purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28

I want to tell you that you are awesome. Maybe you have been told differently, maybe you have not. And as you read this you may think, “How can Jamie know, if I am awesome? She doesn’t really know me!?” Maybe that is true…

However, I know the one the created ALL things… Even you! And what I know is He does not make anything not AWESOME!

awesomely and wondrously made psalm 139:14

So today and every day you are blessed with here after… Remember these simple things.

Choose to live in the now, as in right now!

Choose to make any day a great day.

Choose to find the good in all things.

Choose to honor life by living this moment to the fullest.

Choose to know all will work out for the best in the end.

Choose to know you are awesomely and wondrously made.

Choose to live life on purpose.

Choose to be the solution.

Choose to be the change.

Choose to stop playing small.

So on this day 9/11/14, I choose to not be depressed, to instead decide to become the best me possible so I can be a part of the solution, to be the change I want to see in others, to stop playing small, to be unstoppable.

What will you choose to do on this day?

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  1. Awesome blog post.. I also read what you were doing on the actual day.

    I actually remember that day very well. I was just getting done exercising and my friend from who was in college called me up and told me turn on the news..

    I could hear from the sound of his voice he was crying.

    It took me a moment to realize what was happening. At the moment I knew what it must of felt like when Pearl Harbor was attacked… My eyes started to fill with tears , then I started to get angry/.. Real angry.. I was ready to go enlist and go to war..

    I felt an overwhelming sense to defend my country…

    I think that day will stick with me the rest of my life… It was my generations Pearl Harbor .. It also signaled a new kind of war… A war that sadly is still happening today..

    1. Oh I’ve been a bad girl! Here you wrote me an awesome comment and I totally missed it until now! Please forgive me my friend!

      Isn’t it amazing when something major happens we can recall such in depth details?

      It is also sad what has happened. Interestingly, something on that day told me that all was not as it seemed. Probably because I realized long ago, that our government is our biggest threat unfortunately.

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