Faithful Provider | Natural & Organic Coupons 9/12/11


I was running a bit behind this past week. I have been working for my clients around the clock and putting in extra hours to get the job done!

I will be posting the coupon tips sometime this week (though there are some included in this post), due to popular demand I am letting every one know what natural, eco-friendly and organic coupons are available to print online right now. I will round them up 1-2x a week to keep you on top of saving money and providing healthier foods for your family! Praise YaHuWaH!

Natural & Organic Coupons 9/12/11


At the beginning of each new month, be sure to print off the reset of Whole Foods store coupons (or pickup the Whole Deal in stores to save ink/paper), Earth FareStonyfield Organic Dairy, Brown Cow Yogurt and Earth’s Best organic baby food coupons.

*This list does not include the individual coupons from the sites mentioned above (to save a little bit of time), so be sure to check with those sites for way more coupons!

Tip #1: Whole Foods often has their own Stonyfield coupons every month, stack them with the Stonyfield manufacturer’s coupon and pair with a sale for extra savings.

Tip #2: When you learn about a coupon you want or need, especially one on facebook,, etc. and you know you will use it, print it out as soon as you can! I have missed out on several mega saving coupons by waiting. I now print them as soon as I find them or at the latest the same day I found them.

Tip #3: You can print 2 coupons per computer you have, some pdf coupons and ones on the manufacture’s site will allow you to print more.

Tip #4: Learn what stores double coupons in your area for extra savings.

Tip #5: Look for stores like Target, Riteaid, Whole Foods, Earth Fare and many others that have their own store coupons and see if you can stack them with a manufacturer’s coupon for double the savings.


 Save money with natural and organic coupons


Healthy Food Coupons:



Fresh Produce Coupons:



Healthy Grains Coupons:



Healthy Dairy Coupons:



Healthy Baby Coupons:



Healthy Condiments & Baking Coupons:



Healthy Snacks & Dessert Coupons:



Healthy Drink Coupons (non dairy):


      – Harris Teeter: zipcode 19930, Krogers: 30003, Publix: 30518, Dominick’s: 60004, Safeway: 83501,
Albertson’s: 91701, Fry’s: 85217, Hannaford: 13601, Safeway: 83501, Giant: 19003, Stop & Shop: 07016,
Kings Sooper: 81611, Von’s & Ralph’s: 90210


Natural Personal Care Coupons:



Natural Health Coupons:



Natural Cleaning Coupons:



Healthy Pet Coupons:


I found some of these deals scouring the resources I provided last week, however I certainly could not have done it alone… Well unless I only had time to coupon, then maybe! A special thanks to Money Saving Mom, The Greenbacks Gal, Organic Deals, Hunt 4 Freebies, Southern Savers (If you are in the south, this is one of the best for coupon matchups), Simply Frugal Living, Saving Free Coupons and Free Coupon Alerts.

The good news is… There are a lot more healthy coupons than I expected to find for this week! I scoured the web for several hours each day since the 9th and of course editing the info to create the above (phew). However, I did not have time to post them all and therefore I will be posting again later this week with more all natural coupons for you to be a extra faithful provider.


 May YaHuWaH bless you & keep you!

Jamie Pelaez


‘I will bless the YaHuWaH at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.’ ~TehaleYAim (Psalms) 34:1

‘Test all things and hold firmly that which is good.’ ~1  ThessalonikiAH (Thessalonians) 5:21



P.S. If you notice any coupons no longer available, please let me know & I will update the list. Happy savings!


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    1. Found Bon Ami available at local Target. Also sent them a email requesting coupons. It just so happens they mailed me a whole stack of coupons! YIPPY : )

      1. That is awesome! Right before the move I found them on sale at a Harris Teeter for .99. That was pretty exciting in itself, lol! Thanks for the heads up on the abundance of coupons they send. I will be writing them this week! AmaniYAH!

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