I Killed the Can’t, but I Did Not Shoot the Deputy!

I originally wrote this back on February 8th, 2008 and have since tweaked it to bring it in the now. I noticed “can’t” creeping back into my vocabulary and knew it was time to revisit/revamp this article and share it with you.

I felt compelled to write about this phrase… It was a phrase I decided to remove from my vocabulary, including speech and thoughts.


Because several months prior to February 8th, 2008, I had an “ah ha!” moment on the whole “I can’t” or I cannot” phrase.

I had really heard myself say, I’ can’t” and I said, “WAIT!!!!!!!

It has nothing to do with the fact that I cannot, it has to do with the fact that I choose not to.

I kept hearing people use this word, this phrase over and over and decided to write about it and help some people out in the process including myself!

See to every problem there are many solutions, sometimes we have to look hard to find it, get creative and sometimes the solution may not be what we expected or want, but indeed it is still a solution.

Just like when one door closes on a phase, person or opportunity in our life, many more open doors open for us.

Just like everything happens for a reason, we may not know that reason immediately, but if we pay attention the Universe/God whatever you prefer will whack us upside the head with it, it may be in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years but the reason will come.

You always have a choice and can literally choose whatever you prefer with anything!

Like whether we want to think self-defeating thoughts or positive ones.

Whether we want to find the positive no matter how dim the situation may appear or choose to wallow in the negative.

Whether we want to stay in a miserable relationship or move on.

The same goes with “I can’t” it isn’t that you can’t you can always choose to do or not to do Something.

So, I CHALLENGE YOU to throw this phrase “I can’t/cannot” as well as the word “can’t/cannot” out of your vocabulary and your THOUGHTS forever!

Realize YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE, to do or not to do, so fess up and own up to your decision to not or to do your choice.

You have the power, so harness it.

Yeah at first it will be tough, we are use to saying this word.

It’s been almost a year since I originally wrote this and it still creeps into my vocabulary from time to time.

The difference is I now notice it immediately and self-correct myself.

I ask myself is that really true that I can’t or is it that I choose not to and if so why am I choosing not to?

So instead of, “I can’t get on the conference call I have to watch my favorite show.” Try, “I am watching my favorite show and choose not to attend the conference call.”

Own up to YOUR CHOICES, it is mighty EMPOWERING!

I warn you it can be HABIT FORMING and ADDICTIVE but this is one addiction we should all have!

You can do this, you can do ANYTHING!

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SOUND OFF: Have you decided to kill can’t/cannot in your life or have already? If so, share your experience.

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  1. hey Jamie. Great post. made me really think. You are absolutely right. It's not that we can't, it really is that we choose to. I never thought of it that way. Yikes everything really is a choice not just somethings.

    Be blessed,

    1. Hey Shana, I am glad you enjoyed the post. Yikes, is absolutely appropriate for the first shock to the system. Soon it will be freeing and liberating to know everything is a choice. I look forward to connecting with you again.

  2. Jamie that is such a powerful post. It really is all about our ATTITUDE and the words we chose to use are very important. There is so much defeat in the term "I can't/cannot". Excellent message my friend,

    Ruth Sias

  3. Jamie, I hear you! In addition to running my own company, I also teach at a Montessori School for children 3-13 years-old. I am constantly telling them that they always have a choice about how to deal with the situation they are in. There is no "I can't!"

  4. Hi Jamie,

    This is a very inspiring post. It’s true that we can do anything as long as we put our mind into it. People choose not to because they are afraid of failures. They hate the feeling of being failure and wasting their time however if you think about it deeply, failure is not a waste time. Through failures you can learn new things, hone your skills and be more creative. It’s one way to achieve success. Be a positive thinker! Remember that you can do anything and do away from “i can’t” perception.

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