No Air Freshener, Candle or Incense Can Beat Fresh Air

For the past several nights in Benson, NC it got down to a low enough temperature that I could FINALLY open up the windows and turn off the A/C while we slept. Both mornings I arose to a house that smelled absolutely DIVINE and refreshing! I rarely buy air fresheners as there are only a few I can find that are all natural and not toxic in an aisle of toxic substances that most people are gladly inhaling…

However, I know what the toxic and non smell like and despite them trying to replicate clean breeze, fresh air, ocean breeze, crisp air, mountain spring and plethora of other fresh air sounding names, they just can never live up to their names! NOTHING BEATS the real ocean breeze, real country air, real mountain air and any other truly fresh air. They try to compete with our Creator, but they just cannot do it.

Last year we did not have a dryer and the one thing I could not get over was how awesome our clothes, etc. smelt. I don’t buy dryer sheets even now that we have a dryer and am considering doing a half dry in my dryer and the rest outside just to be able to save some money AND get the best scent on our laundry… REALLY FRESH AIR! I would have never gotten a dryer, if I could have figured out how to keep our laundry from getting faded eventually or got them to dry well in the winter! I did figure out how using vinegar and baking soda kept them nice and soft! If any one knows how to keep them from fading or how to dry them in the middle of winter, please do let me know!

Be honest… Do you buy Glade, Febreze or any other air fresheners, fabric fresheners, dryer sheets, etc.? If so, please do yourself and your family a favor (this goes for candles and incense too), make sure you know what you are using and the effects it has on you and your family’s health. Toxic substances are all over the place and on such high demand ONLY because most of us are fools to buy it without “proving” whether it is something we should be breathing in at all. If everyone started to prove all things, I have a feeling people would spend a lot less money on “air fresheners” and the like, amongst many other things.

So I DARE YOU to take your health and well being in your hands and be smart enough to know what exactly is in those canisters, candles, wall plugins, incense, fragrance oils, dryer sheets, laundry detergents, etc. that you buy… Also do yourself another favor and take in as much fresh air as weather permits as it’s amazing for your health, mental clarity and medicine for your soul. It is also the best air freshener that money can’t buy ; )

I look forward to hearing your experiences from the dare!

Put on the whole armor of YHWH (YaHuWaH) that you may be able to stand against the schemes of Satan. ~ EphesiYA (Ephesians) 6:11

The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life. ~ YAob (Job) 33:4

Test all things and hold firmly that which is good. ~ 1 ThessalonikiAH (Thessalonians) 5:21

Shalom & blessings,

Jamie Pelaez
Skype me: jamie.pelaez

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  1. I agree, nothing does beat fresh air. When I burn candles a lot in my house, I have actually blown my nose and had black soot on the tissue. So I can imagine how bad it is for you.

    Lately I have been using a natural air freshner by Method and it seems to work pretty good, without the toxic chemicals.

    1. Hey Doug thanks for stopping in and commenting. I’m not sure what you meant by ” So I can imagine how bad it is for you.”, could you please clarify?

      I do not burn candles hardly ever and if I do, I get ones that are palm wax which are much better than the paraffin ones and they have to be naturally scented. I do not use anything toxic whether it is candles, cleaning products, personal care, etc. and do not smoke. I do burn natural made incense occasionally. Most of the time fresh air is used to make my house smell fresh with the occasional spritz of essential oils. So I am not breathing in anything that would have me blowing out black soot.

      I would suggest changing your candles to ones that are made of palm and scented with essential oils.

      I have not tried Method’s air freshener. One of our favorite ones to use is the Pure Citrus Vanilla or Citrus. Also you can make your own candles and air fresheners too, something that we are going to be doing so we can know 100% know they are safe and customize them more.

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