Twitter Milestone Celebration | Just Broke & Surpassed 1000 Followers

I just had to have a celebration.

I know some people think that celebrating how many followers you have on Twitter is plain silly…

I contemplated the silliness of it all and decided to invoke the child-like spirit that we all have within us no matter how much we try to deny it or bury it with adult-like responsibilities and decided to CELEBRATE and be GRATEFUL and HAPPY about hitting and breaking 1000 followers on Twitter within a matter of a few minutes.

Thanks to my awesome new friends:

@eriqpowers #1000
@easwaranp #1001
@jenkirkpatrick #1002
@twimarketing #1003

Just this January I was a little under 200 followers, amazing.

I am going to see how fast I can get to 2000 and beyond!

For those who are not following my tweets feel free to add me: Jamie Pelaez on Twitter.

Until next time… Stay positive, focused on what you want and taking action to get it!

Jamie Pelaez

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