Don’t Worry, Praise Him, Be Grateful & Be Faithful…


AmaniYAH Brothers & Sisters!

I got off of a webinar earlier where I was asked to talk about what is going on with the lack of money in the body and what could be done about it, etc. Unfortunately, there was little time (it was the end of the webinar) to go real in depth about something that could take up at least one webinar, if not more. ūüôā

As I stated before, once Jaya & I are settled into our temporary place I will be sharing a lot more on money, primarily how not to be a slave to it, how not to let it own you, how to be faithful with what He provides you and how to multiply it so you can do even more for His kingdom.

I’m also praying that I will not only be able to share here (blog about it), create videos, articles, but also to have a webinar teaching these things. I have felt that calling for far too long now.

Some things to get you started…

don't worry just ask the birds

1. Don’t worry ever… I cannot say this enough!


No matter how horrible things look in the “world”, no matter if your marriage is falling apart, no matter if your life resembles nothing like you expected it to, no matter if your kids have gone the wrong way, no matter how little is in your bank account or wallet/purse, no matter how bare your cabinets look, do not worry!

If you believe what He says He will do for you, then you can be rest assured He will take care of you. It may not be on your time frame or how you expect it, but if you are patient, grateful and believing in Him, He will take care of your needs and will give you peace.

Also beware of fear and doubt and they usually accompany worry and once again if you believe in Him, there is no reason to have fear and doubt.


  • Mattithyahu (Matthew) 6:25-34, 11:28-30
  • Lukah (Luke) 12:22-30
  • Yaob (Job) 38 (whole chapter)
  • Yahuwchanon (John) 14:16-27, 16:33
  • PhilippiYA (Phillipians) 4:4-9
  • YashaYAHUW (Isaiah) 26:3, 41:10-13, 43:1-3
  • Yahoshua (Joshua) 1:8-9
  • RomaniYA (Romans) 8:13-18
  • II TimotheUW (Timothy) 1:6-7
  • ColossiYA (Colossians) 3:12-16
  • TehaleYAim (Psalms) 55:22
  • Mish’ley (Proverbs) 12:25
  • AbraYAHUW (Hebrews) 13:5-6
  • RomaniYA (Romans) 8:28-31
  • MarkUW (Mark) 4:40

* Also do a scripture search on ‘thoughts’, ‘words’, ‘mind’ and ‘tongue’. They can spring forth life or death!

Praise Him In This Storm

2. Praise Him always & be grateful!


Even when you perceive you are in the biggest storm of your life. Ha Shatan is waiting for you to curse YaHuWaH (YHWH/HWHY), but no matter how bad whatever happens hurts, keep praising YaHuWaH!

He will not only deliver you from that situation, He will find a way to use it for His good!


  • TehaleYAim (Psalms) 34:1-5, 50:23, 145:1
  • TehaleYAim (Psalms) 91, 150 and 139 (whole chapters)
  • RomaniYA (Romans) 8:28-30
  • Mish’ley (Proverbs) 3:5-6
  • TehaleYAim (Psalms) 107:1, 118:19-24, 121:1-2¬†
  • I CorinthiYAns (Corinthians) 10:13
  • EphesiYAns (Ephesians) 1:11, 5:20
  • I ThessalonikiYAns (Thessalonians) 5:16-22
  • I ShemaiYAon KephAH (Peter) 3:8-13
  • AbraYAHUW (Hebrews) 12:28
  • YashaYAHUW (Isaiah) 40:31


3. Be faithful/wise with the provisions He provides you with.

  • Look at your current bills and debts if you have them. What expenses can you cut back on or our completely?

    Remember, much of what the world considers a necessity is not, e.g. multiple cell phones, multiple phone lines, cable/satellite tv, internet (unless this is used to provide income for your family), eating out, microwaves, toasters, driving everywhere and yes even traditional heating and air systems are not a necessity and are often over used in the name of comfort.

* This post is far from over, however I have to get back to packing for the big move. When I continue this post after the move we will go over many ways you can cut the above costs and some great scriptures about being wise/faithful with His provisions!

Shalom & blessings to you all!

Jamie Pelaez


‘I will bless the YaHuWaH¬†at all times;¬†His praise shall continually be in my mouth.’¬†~TehaleYAim (Psalms) 34:1

‘Test all things and hold firmly that which is good.’¬†~1¬†¬†ThessalonikiAH (Thessalonians) 5:21




P.S. In a few (2-3) weeks from now I would like to start a 5th day (Thurs.) webinar in the early afternoon that will go over such things in depth. Please pray about this as I have & will be and let me know what your thoughts are brothers and sisters! These would be recorded and I would also love to hear what type of topics and/or questions you would like addressed.



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