My blog is far from done…

Welcome! I hope you are having a blessed Second Day. Any day Yahuwah blesses you with another day, is a blessing no matter what!

As you can probably tell, I’m not done redesigning my blog by a long shot! However, because of having my construction sign up I haven’t been writing. This means I haven’t really been communicating much here and that means ditto for my social sites. Not good!

So even though I am not done, I decided it is time to write, because if I don’t… Well I might explode!

A lot has happened in the past few months. I went from about to start a business venture solo and being laser focused to having a business partner and that laser focus getting side tracked to realizing I was doing the wrong thing right before we were about to heavily market the site.

I generally have a hard time designing logos, etc. for myself. I am so much better at helping others, been putting other before myself most of my life. While this sounds like an awesome trait, it can also be a self-destructing one too if one does not know how to properly use this gift. I have certainly learned that I cannot always say ‘yes’ nor should I. That I should always pray about what to say when I do not feel the Ruach nudging me one way or another. That there are some people that will never be happy with what I can do and that is okay. The greatest lesson is despite what every one else is clamouring on about what I should or shouldn’t be doing, I have to stay focused on Yahuwah and what He wants and that usually means going against what the popular vote thinks/does.

I am more than okay with that, I have gone against the grain most of my life and when I tried to force myself in a few areas of my life to go with the grain, well quite frankly it hurt but through the pain I have gained a lot of life lessons. However, those did not have to happen if I would have been listening to the Ruach’s warnings.

About a year and 7 months ago is when I started reading the Scriptures. My life has in many ways changed by leaps and bounds. My ideas, my thoughts, my everything. So much fell off of me without even trying, while other things are still a work in progress. Half of the things I do and believe in now, I would not have been able to fathom in the past.

More on the above in other posts to come. In short I am not the girl I once was.

I have been running for about a year and a month of that time from what Yahuwah (HWHY/YHWH) has been calling me to do. Thinking I am not knowledgeable enough, not ready and also was concerned about providing for my family.

How silly I have been to say the least. Here I have watched Him do numerous miracles in my life in a short time, seen Him live up to His word about providing our needs and yet I think He is somehow limited to only doing so when I have a business or job? How insane is that?

Here I have been breaking shackles of limitations upon limitations off of our Father and yet kept one huge shackle on Him. Did it serve Him, did it serve my family or me? No it did not, we are financially no better or worse off than we were prior to that.

So I thought I had the answer, I will stop network marketing to have more time serving Yahuwah and my family while making more. I will take my part-time freelance graphic design business more full time and be able to work with certain niches and control my work week, etc.

It sounded good, but it quickly got out of hand when I wanted I should have said no to a friend’s business proposal. I am still somewhat of a recovering people pleaser and got caught up in that old me for a bit. It sounded good, he could do the marketing while I did the graphics, we could make more, help more and save more time, right?

Then before I knew it that targeted niche became mega broad along with everything else. It started to become harder to finish my site, like I had a load of bricks that kept piling up on my back. I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me, my partner kept reassuring me this is what we needed to be doing to make all the money we needed to do what we wanted to do, etc. It sounded good, but if it was so good why was I not feeling so good?

I prayed sometimes 3x a day asking Yahuwah, am I doing the right thing, is this what you want of me? If so, take this feeling from me. If not, tell me what to do!

The weekend of the 3rd, it all hit me like a mac truck. I was settling, I was about to embark on adventure that was not what I was suppose to be doing and it would cause me more heartache, pain, stress and keep me away from what I needed to be doing and what I really wanted to be doing all along. Which is serving Yahuwah, learning, sharing & living His ways 110%. I have been longing for this, but felt I was not good enough and let the spirit of fear of me not having a traditional business get to me.

Forgive me, my Father! How foolish I have been. I have wasted your precious blessings, your precious days. I repent and choose to change to throw caution to the wind and trust in you & you alone.

My friend was pretty bummed when I broke the news after much praying. At first he thought Shatan (Satan) was attacking me. However, I knew this was not the case. The sweet Ruach will always warn you when you are about to make a wrong turn. The Ruach will keep reminding you and never give up on you even when you have given up on yourself. The Ruach and the Father are always calling us and trying to guide us to the right path. I tested it with prayer, with asking the Ruach to comfort me and take this unsettling feeling away. I have learned recently, that when you ask the Ruach for comfort, you will have that in a matter of minutes or less! If you are crying your tears will dried up, if you were afraid you will fear no more and whatever the negative feeling it will cease to exist and a calm rush of peace and comfort will surround you like the best hug you have ever gotten and then some. Don’t believe me? Try it and you will see, just like I did.

So where does this all lead me? Well it leads me to spend Pesach (Passover), Chag HaMatzot (Feast of Unleaved Bread) and Reshit Katzir (Beginning of the Harvest also know as First Fruits) soaking up His Word, teaching what these Feasts days mean to my family, friends and others. Praying and seeking His guidance. Allowing Him to renew me and refine me further. It also leads me to start working on the projects He wants me to.

One will be a site (The Faithful Provider) teaching how to be a faithful provider while relying on the most faithful of all providers! This site will help families give, save, make and spend money according to the Scriptures all while giving Him the glory (as we should be all day every day)!

The next project will be called Sounding The Shofar, this will cover teaching such topics as the truth behind christmas and easter (I intentionally did not capitalize those), why we should care what our Saviour’s name is, the truth behind the word lord and god, the real Feasts, what day is really Shabbat, why Torah is still relevant today, modesty, eating according to the scriptures and so much more.

While I am preparing the graphics and the sites, we will also be cleaning house! I have been sitting on at least a couple grand of clothing, shoes, household good, custom wood furniture, etc. that we planned on selling and then tithing 10%. However, I never get to it and Chaz has finally agreed to the lets use this as our tithe, lets give it to those who need it now. A lot of people think they can only tithe money, but you can also tithe food, clothing, goods and your services too. We are working at giving at least 10% of our money, goods, food and services each month to in need and work at increasing that number each month.

We found a nice place in Raleigh, NC called Raleigh Rescue who will take the household goods, and clothing for men, women and children to provide for the homeless and those struggling.

I am not done yet and I already have 3 1/2 33 gallon trash bags stuffed. We are preparing to take them on 7th day (Sat.).

It feels so great to be able to help, it is also a blessing to see my husband on board and my 4 1/2 year old Jaya so excited to give back.

I am also taking about $500 (maybe more) in merchandise and burning it. From books, cds and dvds and some jewelry. I have been wanting to do this for almost a year now, while my husband wanted me to sell it. You are probably thinking why not give these away too right? I am not going to give or sell, because I have a divine duty not to encourage nor spread these lies any more. Most are in perfect shape, but they are going into the fire because they do not lead people to Yahuwah, instead the aim to drive people away from Him. The worst of it would be my old Wiccan and New Age Law of Attraction Books. But trust me just because the music and videos don’t openly promote these two religions, they are still heavily promoting them through imagery and music. Don’t believe? That’s cool, just make sure you research what’s really going on in Hollywood, the entertainment industry as a whole and the world. So instead of putting these things into the hand of another, I would rather know I did not spread the virus of lies and further.

So we are binging and purging the old literally, physically and spiritually!

My challenge to you is to do the same! It’s time to renew your faith and your life. I pray you are up for the challenge!

As for when this ol’ blog and when will I be finished revamping it… Well, I am putting it last again… But this time, it is for the right reasons! 🙂

While I am building the other sites I mentioned, I will be writing in here more. Keep your eyes peeled for information about the upcoming feasts as well as updates on great deals to help you cut your budget so you can pay off your debt and give the rest away!

Talk to you soon!

May Yahuwah bless you & keep you & yours!

Jamie Pelaez
Skype: jamie.pelaez

P.S. I will try my best to keep the next post shorter 😉

P.S.S. If Yahuwah (HWHY/YHWH), called you and asked you to meet Him starting on the 18th, would you clear your schedule just to meet Him OR make excuses? When we try to follow the  Holidays of the world vs. His Feast Days, we are missing out an a divine appointment He created for us to meet with Him. Are you missing yours?

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  1. Jamie, it’s good to know that you’re not shutting down this site. I love your blog. It never fails to inspire and motivates me. I guess you’ll be very busy nowadays but i think you can manage your time properly. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Mitch for the compliment. I have been insanely busy between packing, moving and now helping a friend out. Not to mention taking care of my daughter, my spiritual life and working with clients. It has indeed been a busy past few months 🙂

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