Sweet Free Stuff… Really!

Earlier today I posted this on my Amplify page, which went to my Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Google Buzz, Tumblr and soooo on…

Free Glasses From Coastal Contacts

In the coming weeks you can expect to get many more messages from me about freebies.


These are not scams, they are the real deal. As a matter of fact there are a few MLM companies that make you pay just to get these type of ‘exclusive’ free offers. I even thought about joining one of them but decided it would not save me much more time and I really enjoy helping people save money and providing them with great value for free whenever possible.

So I will be posting a lot more here and even more once our new blog is done about being a faithful provider. From relying on the most faithful provider to how to be a faithful provider for your family. Whether we are talking about managing money, saving on groceries and every day items (40-90%) to getting great deals locally and yes even really real freebies… It will all be legit and based on scriptures!

I decided to write this post as kind of a warning to the changes ahead! I had a guy on Google Buzz reply to the above freebie ‘wha eva’ (I guess it wasn’t even worth him completing the words).


In which I responded the following:

Hey Logan… Not sure what is with the wat eva… But this company is really giving away the above today. If it is not something you need, it is no reason to be negative.

There are people charging for a business opp to give out the same info I just gave out for free.

I won’t ever send out anything that is not real. My goal is to start helping other families save 50-80% off of their groceries and normal every day items with coupons. And help them find the best freebies and deals in their area for free.”

If you do no want to help others and save, then you can feel free to remove me from your contact list.

Have a blessed day!

I have always said, “Why pay full price?” However, I was not living up to my motto 100%. I was not keeping an eye out for deals and clipping coupons consistently and all I was doing was literally throwing $$$ away. Cash that could have been tithing into the Kingdom of our creator, money that could have been paying off debts so we could be 100% debt free which by the way is also scriptural!

There are some families who save so much that it equals a part time income and others a full time income. Meaning you do not have to join another business or get another job to help your family and others big time!


My other goal is to help people not only be able to provide more on less for their family, but to be able to give more food, clothing, time and money to those who need it. And they can even teach others how to become a faithful provider too!

So while I might get extreme, I won’t get unreal, unethical or unscriptural!

If you have no desire to save money, be encouraged, and/or help others… Then please remove me from your contact list as I suggested Logan do.

If you are interested in getting info about being a faithful provider, deals, freebies and saving, etc. would you rather there be posts that are individual about each deal or have several deals in one post?

Thank you for your feedback and time!

Jamie Pelaez


‘I will bless the YaHuWaH at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.’ ~Psalm 34:1

‘Test all things and hold firmly that which is good.’ ~1 Thessalonians 5:21



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