Need Your Feedback: Help I Am Stuck In A Creative Rut

Tomorrow, I am going to start on a project that I have procrastinated on way too long. Not because I wanted to be doing so, but because I am seriously stuck in a creative rut! I have no idea what to do for my own custom branded blog/site/logo.

I have no issues whipping up custom blogs, logos, capture pages, etc. that fit my clients & their products just right; reading them like I have known them all my life… But for me, I am stuck & have been stuck for literally two years! I cannot even figure out what color combo I want to use. Why is this???

I literally put up a clean simple blog that I rarely write in (I am guessing because it does not feel like it is even my blog) and only got that far because I knew I had to at least do something. I think the main problem is I like too many color combos, too many styles and I don’t know what really ‘fits’ me the most.

Then I have been wondering do I make this just a personal blog or more like a buffet displaying a bunch of me, but still have niche blogs for specific service areas e.g. social media services & tips… Or maybe a splash page intro where they can click if they want to go to my personal info, learn about social media, learn about spirituality, learn about frugal living, etc. This is exactly what happens when you enjoy too many things and are well versed in too many things… INDECISION!

Picture of my blog to brand and redo

Why can I figure this out for complete strangers but not myself? Am I too close to my subject, me? Is there some fear hidden in finally getting up my portfolio and services? I am not sure, but I am sure that I am open to your feedback & suggestions!

All I know is I have to do this. My business had been growing pretty good for a girl with no portfolio up (thanks to my awesome and loyal clients and their word-of-mouth praise to others)… However, I know IF I really want to do the things YaHuWaH is calling me to do, that I have to step it up BIG TIME. That concentrating on building every one else’s brand superbly and leaving mine blowing in the wind is frankly not good enough and really never was in the first place. I have to start giving myself the same level of service and TLC that I give my clients. I have to break through this creative rut no matter what.

So common, I am listening, I am praying, I am asking, I am seeking and I am knocking… Enlighten me!

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  1. You do great work Jamie but maybe you should step back and let Chas come up with something for you. Then build on that. It’s always easier to do for someone else than for ourselves. Once you get over the initial “Start” phase the ideas will begin to flow.

    1. LOL, That would work if he was a designer for sure. I will still ask though, who knows maybe he will be suddenly designed inspired. Doesn’t hurt to ask right? I will let you know how it goes! And you are right once I get going it will eventually come to me! Thank you : )

  2. The site looks great. You have a creative mind Jamie. I like the color as it complements the background and the layout is well organized and easy to navigate. Good job!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Mitch. I am still debating on weather I will change the layout and site later on or not. For now this is at least good enough. When I have some down time (whenever that will be), I will revist remodeling the site again :).

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