Love more, so you can be more and do more.

Refuse To Allow The Signs of The Times To Get You Down

There’s some crazy ish going on all over the world brothers and sisters. Many acting out proclaiming they represent one Holy book or another, yet their actions prove they have neither read nor uphold the values of the book(s) they preach support their injustices.

Because if they did read and uphold the core values of the Torah, The Scriptures, Quran, etc… This stuff would not be going on right now.

I have some friends scared, some worried, some angry. All of these emotions cause more of the same. They keep us paralyzed and off our game. And for some it makes them an easy target to be victimized.

If there is a time we need to be centered, healthy and Spiritually whole, it is right now.

Instead of fear, instead of worry, instead of anger, I am choosing to be the change I want to see. I am choosing love, I am choosing to be healthy, I am choosing to be the best me possible while arming myself with more tools and knowledge in alignment with these values.

Why? Because if these injustices cross my personal path, I want to be able to not mentally break down and have the best chance of survival, so I can help others to be able to do the same.

It does those being victimized and me no good if I break down and live in fear.

The enemy outside can only harm you when you have not extinguished the enemy within.

The only thing you and I can do right now, is to find more and more ways to be the best us, mind, body and spirit, so we will have the best chance of survival.

Choose to be love, choose to be more, so you can do more.

Love more, so you can be more and do more.
I pray for all the victims around the world. We are all one, your pain is my pain, your troubles are mine. The best way I can help you or anyone, is for me to be the best me possible and keep shining my light.

If we all did this and drove out the fear, hate and anger, then there would be nothing left to fight about.

Just know World, I am praying for you… From the innocent to the one who chooses the path of the enemy.

Blessings & Love,

Jamie Pelaez

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