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I went to Dollar General on 5/31 to get some good deals and decided to purchase something that was not on my list but happened to be on sale and I knew I had two coupons as well. I got two things of bodywash for my husband and had a $1 off coupon plus a B1G1 coupon. Though the coupons did not have any restrictions on me using them together, the associate would only scan one of them and the other associate said I could not use two coupons on one item…

Which I then stated I am not trying to do that, I have two items and two coupons. Their coupon policy did not state I could or could not use another coupon in conjunction with a B1G1 coupon either. Long story short I left without getting the extra dollar off.

I decided to email corporate because it was pretty unsettling as they were even trying to say no more than 4 in one transaction for the bodywash B1G1 coupon some how applied to my toothbrushes too which where not even the same product let alone the same brand! It was a case of misinformed associates on how coupons really work.

I just received a phone call from Dollar General apologizing for what happened. I asked for them to update their policies to include something that stated this was okay unless the coupon specifically says it is not. The gentleman did take my suggestion and said that if this happens more often they will update the online policy. They also talked to the store manager and have straightened out the situation.

So the positive is Dollar General is fast to correct and address problems when you email them. If you have had an issue with coupons or a shopping trip in general, never be afraid to write or call corporate for help or clarification. Also, always carry the latest edition of the store’s coupon policy with you.

While it is the associate and manager’s duty to know them, I have found at least 50% are clueless to their own policy or try to make up their own rules. It’s just as much your duty as it is theirs to know their coupon policy. On an extra happy note there is a new Dollar General coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more (pretax) for 6/11 only. Click here to get your Dollar General Coupon. If you have other coupons for the trip, make sure to have this one scanned first.

Also DG does not give money back, so if you know you are going to have overage, make sure you include other items that will use up that overage or ‘credit’ as DG puts it.

E.G. You buy Fixodent Cleanser for $2.50 and have a $3.00 off coupon. This means for each one you buy, you get 50 cents overage. The coupon says you can buy 4 in one transaction. That means you will have $2.00 in overage/credit. You could then buy something you don’t have a coupon for normally or something you do, to stretch that credit even further.

May Yahuwah bless you and keep you & yours!

Jamie Pelaez


‘I will bless the YaHuWaH at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.’ ~TehaleYAim (Psalms) 34:1

‘Test all things and hold firmly that which is good.’ ~1  ThessalonikiAH (Thessalonians) 5:21



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