Is Mint The Best Free Way To Manage Your Money?

Good question, one I have been wondering for almost a year and I am FINALLY starting to investigate on.

Mint is a free budgeting tool that allows you to manage your cash, set goals and take a good look at where your money is going each month.

Have you used #Mint? If so what do you think?

If you have never used before, what do you use to keep track of your money, transactions and over all budget?

Do you use something different for personal and business, if so what for what?

I think I am going to use @Mint for personal and maybe setup a second account for my business as well.

Though I am not sure I will need one for the biz end since I have a system for our business that covers invoices, time tracking, client management, accounting, etc.

Let me know what you think!

The best free
way to manage
your money

Your finances online

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