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Walk The Weight Off | Leslie Sansone Super Walks Deluxe Kit Online Deal


I have known about Leslie Sanson, since about 2002. One of my ex boyfriend’s mom introduced me. Unfortunately, though I loved working out to it when I visited his family, I did not bring it home with me. Back in 2011, I rediscover Leslie and her great Walk at Home workout program.

Leslie, is upbeat and makes working out much more enjoyable. It is like having one of your best friends working out with you and even better when they really are joining in too! Walking is literally one of the best workouts you can do. It is natural movement for our body and for those blessed enough to be able to walk, it is easy on the joints and provides many health benefits. People who walk more, lose weight and stay in shape.

“When it comes to weight control, brisk walking is your friend. It is easy, cheap, and it can improve your mood, increase your energy, lower your blood pressure and protect you against diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer.”Mercola.com


Leslie has made it easy for people with short time frames to get MILES of walking in on a regular basis. Back in 2008, I lost the remainder of my baby fat my body had been hanging on for a year, just by walking for 30-45 minutes a day.


Leslie Sansone Super Walks Deluxe Kit – Online Deal

Realistically, most of us need to walk more, for our life and for our health. So join me as I walk the weight off  and pick up this great deal too at Groupon!


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The Online Deal Details:

$29 for a Leslie Sansone Super Walks deluxe kit ($49.98 list price), which includes:

  • Four full DVDs
  • Body Boost cables
  • 21-day meal plan

Free shipping and free returns.


Leslie Sansone Super Walks Deluxe Kit Online Deal

Leslie Sansone channels 25 years of fitness-walking devotion into her Super Walks Deluxe Kit, which helps prevent disease and enhances quality of life with rigorous indoor strides. 288 minutes of fitness sessions utilize Body Boost cables to ramp up the intensity of Sansone’s exercises like a pterodactyl alighting on a dumbbell. The kit also comes with a 21-day meal plan to give participants an extra edge in their journey towards better fitness.

  • Fitness walking guru Leslie Sansone leads motivating workouts
  • Walking exercises enhanced by Body Boost cables
  • Walking helps prevent disease, moss growth, and improves quality of life
  • Includes four DVDs with a total of 288 minutes of fitness coaching

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